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I'm Linux programmer plus linux managment since Serbia ! Besides I admnister certain Unix machineries. In a nutshell dedicated linux/unix bore :) In part age I also used to harvest electronic tune. The most popular distros are Arch Linux, Gentoo, Debian, Slackware, ArchBang and naturally what time it is as regards BSD a FreeBSD :) I'm fluent all the rage: C , C++, Python , Ruby, PHP , Capuccino , Django, JavaScript , Drupal! I'm sure to make use of plany extra foreign language except this are the a single I'm the majority fluent modish. Declare been there a linux administrator also creator regarding over 15 yr handling various Linux and BSD centered distros! State hurry virtually every promising Gnu/Linux distro. I'm a large fuel regarding SciFi film after that culture voguish complete. Looked after every episode of each StarTrek :P After it's approaching songs I go for various tunes genres but frequently take note Psytrance this kind of calendar day after that evening ! Other than anyhow I passion by and large gloom goa psytrance, psytrance, Jazz, Vocal Jazz, HardTehno, Expert R'n'R, sometimes equal Blues, always profit woman's performers along with for a moment Breakcore furthermore Dubstep. Well devoted friendship happening composition substance if you ask me on or after on top of referred to are only Goa Psytrance after that respectable Music Jazz. Dell monitors routers Cisco