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Well the name is Jacey and I am 18. I am just your typically,laid back girl. I love having fun and hanging with my friends! :DI'm not creating an image, I'm finding miself.*. :).%u2665.%u2665.%u2665.(: [Jaceyl;; not tha same giirl anymore] [19 and it da best] [Trust;; itz best dat I don%u2019t, no benefit of tha doubt] [Friendz;; I %u2665 mi %u201Ctrue%u201D friendz, don%u2019t need nuttin but dat] [Happy;; lookz best on me, you make mi %u2665 smile] [Pride;; you cant take itt away, imma stand tall no matta what] [Muzik;; I feel itt in mi soul, itz mi escape] [Anti-racist;; biggest pet-peeve, I accept people how dey are] [Opinionz;; I don%u2019t live on otherz && datz a fact, not an opinion] [Reassurance;; sumtin I need, paranoid witout itt] [Friendly;; meetin new people iz alwayz an adventure] [Emotionz;; dey get inda way of errthang, huge tender %u2665, I %u2665 hard] [Waiting;; iznt mi thing, im not doin itt anymore] [Goody-good;; come off lyke dat but im tha total opposite] [Im me;; love itt-hate itt, take itt-leave itt- you%u2019ll get ova itt..Judge me;; go ahead, see where itt getz ya azz...I'm doin me && you'll neva undastand itt...I love having fun and hanging with my friends! :D I also like making new friends! I'm not a shallow person, so it'll take a long time to get to know the real me. ;) I'm very loyal to the people I love and I can keep a secret no matter what. I'm a happy person, or I at least try to be. I don't get mad very easy. :) I hate when ppl talk about ppl behind their back. & I'm the realest person u'll ever meet! So love me or hate me?This fall I am Going to Walter State for special education than later beauty school