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L0l..Okay Okay Lemme Attempt 2 Give A Fuqq Bout Dis Cellsea Shid..Whatz Gud? Hey quyz my namez Dani Gore. Badazz, i kno. xD So i quezz im suppozt to be tellin yu bout me. Well there aint much to tell really. I'm younq && crazy. Im bi-sexual && i really dont give a fuk if yu care or not. xD Im Single, Holla Lol Just dont fuqq ur chance up, . I love to party, piercinqz are fun. Let me see, I ain't a prizzy azz snob, i have a few friendz && yur lucky to be one. Truzt no hoe, && fuk any player. Im the type of qirl to call yu a bitch out of respect. If i say yur my bitch, then yur my bitch && i ride or die for yu. If i say fuk, yu say yu. I ain't afraid of no one, && i been around a while so i know what im doinq, so don't yu dare tell me i dont kno shit. I will fuk yu so hard yu won't kno which wayz up or down. Otherwize i'm a chill azz female && we won't have no problemz. So yuh, hit me up sometime if yu wanna talk..