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I'm 21 years of age. I'm single. I'm heterosexual/ straight. And I live in Seminole, FL which is in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by old people. I have brown hair and Hazel eyes. Basicly, I'm a cool guy to hang with. I'm very sarcastic,blunt,and don't know when to shut my mouth witch in the end get's me in trouble. I crack jokes every now and then and have random out bursts to get people to lagh or give me a weird look. I'm one of those people who can get along with just about anyone if I don't like you most the time I'll let you know. I currently live with my mom who I love very much her husband scott and my two bratty sisters whom I love to annoy. I have a disabillity known as CP; which affects my leg muscles and also makes me the worst mosher in the history of moshing.I'm the one who is catipoleted allover the pit back and forth up down and any other derction you can think of while being punched kicked and thrown on top of people but hey how meny semi crippleds do you know who have the guts to mosh getting my ass kicked or not it's allways fun unless it's a napalmdeath pit lol. I've suffered brain damage twice; witch should have killed me. I've gone through 10 surgeries, and I have been in a body cast for a full 7 weeks. Believe it or not, but most my life, I used to dress like a gangsta and listened to rap music, because I shared a room with my brother (when I was little) and I looked up to him. Then, when my brother moved out, I slowly started listening to rock, heavy metal, black metal, and industrial