Nokia 2760 Videos

posted : 2016-04-06
Quick review of the Nokia 2760 (2007) I don't like so much the design and the software of this phone. More about the phone ...
posted : 10 months ago
How To Nokia 2760 Disassembly Screen Replacement And Repair Review Your back cover, remove the battery and SIM. There are a number of screws on the ...
posted : 7 months ago
Nokia 2760.
posted : 2010-03-17
Generally you'll never take your SIM card out of your phone, but if you do need to, Terry from Consumer Cellular shows you how to. Taking out, or putting in your ...
posted : 2015-02-13
Распаковка очередной посылки из Китая - телефон Nokia 2760 - новый, оригинальный телефон, модель 2007 года. Ссылка...
posted : 2010-03-18
Not sure how to use the camera feature on your new Nokia 2760 cell phone? No problem. Terry from Consumer Cellular shows you how to take and send ...
posted : 2013-05-15
posted : 2010-03-18
Send and receive text messages with your Nokia 2760 phone easily after watching this brief tutorial from Consumer Cellular. Terry walks you through each step ...
posted : 2015-11-29
Startup, Messages, Ringtones.
posted : 2010-03-17
Making and receiving calls with your Nokia 2760 phone is a snap. Terry from Consumer Cellular shows you how to make and receive calls in easy to understand ...
posted : 2014-10-19
RT files ringtones on Nokia 2760.
posted : 2010-03-18
Terry from Consumer Cellular shows you how to use the phonebook feature on your new Nokia 2760 cell phone. Add, edit and call up your address book entries ...
posted : 2015-11-17
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posted : 1 month ago
Cửa hàng ALOFONE.VN xin trân trọng giới thiệu với Quý khách hàng một dòng điện thoại nokia nắm gập - Nokia 2760. Được thiết kế với kiểu dáng nhỏ gọn,...
posted : 2014-09-15
Ссылка на телефон Nokia 2760: --== Получи скидку до 8% с каждой покупки на AliExpress ==-- Ссылка на кэшбэк...
posted : 2013-06-30
Disclaimer: Boring Video. This video is of an old T-mobile Nokia 2760 cel phone. It's a gsm phone.. and if unlocked can be used for other carriers. In this video I ...
posted : 2010-03-28
Nokia 2660 (AT&T) Review.
posted : 5 months ago
posted : 2012-06-18
Инструкция по разборке Nokia X3-02 Наша группа ВК: Здесь Вы можете задать любой вопрос по выбору,...
posted : 2016-02-06
I took this earlier this week and now I have 2 of these phones.
posted : 2013-08-10
Follow up: Well this was a disappointment.
posted : 2015-09-29
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posted : 2015-11-24
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posted : 1 month ago