Frequent Asked Questions

Is cellsea really free?
Yes, Cellsea is totally FREE to use, it is not a subscription service. Cellsea won't charge you for downloading, creating or sharing mobile content.
However, if you download content through mobile internet or MMS, most wireless carriers will charge you for data usage. Also if you click on an advertisement on Cellsea our advertisers may be charging you for their services.
My phone is not listed, what can I do?
The phones we have listed are the ones we know to be compatible with the Cellsea content. This does not mean that your phone is incompatible with the content. You can still download the content to your phone to see if it works.
I don't have internet on my phone, what can I do?
If you don't have internet on the phone, please select the item whose file size is less than 300Kb (AT&T 600Kb), we will send you the content using multimedia message, so no internet is needed. If your phone supports Bluetooth, USB Cable or SD card, you can also get content from cellsea through one of those methods.
I can listen to/view but not save content on my phone, how do I save?
We are sorry, but it's impossible for us to know all the phone details on the market. Every phone model is different so there is no single correct answer to this. Please check your phone manual, ask your wireless carrier, or get help from other forum website.
I can not set the music as ringtone on my phone, what can I do?
First make sure that the ringtone file type is compatible with your phone model, polyphonic ringtone works on most phones, but MP3/AAC/M4A ringtone will only work on newer phones. Secondly try using a ringtone that is no longer than 20 seconds. The software on many mobile phones does not allow you to set a music longer than 20 seconds as a ringtone.
Why I get an error message while I am downloading an item through mobile site?
There could be many reasons why this happens.
  1. The file size of the item you are downloading is so large that the mobile operator network can not handle it.
  2. The file you are downloading is not supported by your phone.
  3. Error is caused by unstable mobile networks
If file is too big, please download it to your PC first, then transfer item to the phone. For the unstable mobile network error, you can always try to download it again later.
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