Downloading Content To the Phone

My phone is not listed, what can I do?
The phones we have listed are the ones we know to be compatible with the Cellsea content. This does not mean that your phone is incompatible with the content. You can still download the content to your phone to see if it works.
I don't have internet on my phone, what can I do?
If you don't have internet on the phone, please select the item whose file size is less than 300Kb (AT&T 600Kb), we will send you the content using multimedia message, so no internet is needed. If your phone supports Bluetooth, USB Cable or SD card, you can also get content from cellsea through one of those methods.
I can listen to/view but not save content on my phone, how do I save?
We are sorry, but it's impossible for us to know all the phone details on the market. Every phone model is different so there is no single correct answer to this. Please check your phone manual, ask your wireless carrier, or get help from other forum website.
I can not set the music as ringtone on my phone, what can I do?
First make sure that the ringtone file type is compatible with your phone model, polyphonic ringtone works on most phones, but MP3/AAC/M4A ringtone will only work on newer phones. Secondly try using a ringtone that is no longer than 20 seconds. The software on many mobile phones does not allow you to set a music longer than 20 seconds as a ringtone.
How do I download content to my PC?
Click 'Download to PC' button on the content detail page, browser will open a popup window with two options: Save or Open, select "Save" and content will be downloaded to your PC.
How to download the content from short text message?
For motorola phone:
  1. Open the text message with the link.
  2. Click on "Menu" button.
  3. Click on "Go To" to start downloading.

For Sony Ericsson phone:
  1. Open the text message with the link.
  2. Use the joystick or button to highlight the url.
  3. Click on "Open" to start downloading.

For LG phone:
  1. Open the text message with the link.
  2. Click on "Options" button.
  3. Choose "Extract Data" option.
  4. Highlight the URL from the list and click "Connect" to start downloading.

For Nokia Phone:
  1. Open the text message with the link.
  2. Click on "Options" button.
  3. Select "Use detail" or "Find".
  4. Select "Web address".
  5. Highlight the URL and click on "Go to" to start downloading.

For Samsung Phone:
  1. Different models may have different steps.
  2. Open the text message with the link.
  3. Click on "Options" button.
  4. Select "Extract Address" or "Go to URL" or "Save Address".
  5. Select the URL and click on "Go" to start downloading.
How to download content from Multimedia Message?
When you receive a Multimedia Message from cellsea, the content such as ringtone, wallpaper or video is already included in the message. You can just save the attached content to your phone.
What is MMS and SMS?
Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones. Short Message Service, or SMS, is a communication service that allowed exchange of text messages only up to 160 characters in length.
How do I know I will get a MMS or SMS when downloading?
Each wireless carrier has a different MMS file size limit. To get content as MMS, please select ringtone or wallpaper whose size is less than 300Kb (AT&T 600Kb). For those content larger than 300Kb(AT&T 600Kb), we will send you a SMS with link inside.
How to transfer the content from PC to phone?
Memory Card
1. Load the memory card into the PC/Mac card reader
2. Transfer the file from your PC/Mac to the card
3. Put the memory card back into your phone
1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and your PC
2. Connect the mobile phone with your PC/Mac
3. Transfer the file through the Bluetooth connection
USB Cable
1. Plug the cable into one of the computers USB ports
2. Connect the mobile phone with the cable
3. Transfer the file through the cable
Infrared Port
1. Turn on the infrared port on your phone
2. Align your phone and PC within 1 meter and infrared transceivers are pointing at each other
3. Click icon on your PC taskbar
4. In the "wireless link" popup window, select the file to begin transfer.
How to make ringtone for my Iphone?
To make a ringtone for iphone, please follow the steps below.
  1. Click "Online Tools" tab on the top navigation and select "Ringtone maker" link.
  2. Upload the music from your PC
  3. In the editor page, select output file in "M4A" format.
  4. Create the ringtone and download it to your PC.
  5. Rename the file extension to "m4r", for example, ringtone.m4a to ringtone.m4r.
  6. Import the ringtone into itunes and sync it with your iphone.
How to add a custom ringtone to my iphone?
To add a custom ringtone to the iphone, please follow the steps below.
  1. Download M4A ringtone to your PC first.
  2. Rename file extension from m4a to m4r, for example, ringtone.m4a to ringtone.m4r.
  3. Open itunes on your PC and add ringtone into your library.
  4. Click iphone device in the itunes left panel, select ringtone tab, and check the sync ringtone checkbox, click "Sync" button.
  5. Once sync is done, go to your iphone settings->Sounds->Ringtone, and select the ringtone you just uploaded.
Why I never receive the SMS/MMS even the website said it sent out successfully?
There could be many reasons why this happens. First please make sure your phone supports SMS/MMS service. Secondly please make sure the text messaging is enabled by your wireless carrier for your wireless plan. The issue could also be caused by unstable mobile networks, wireless carriers may drop the message when delivering, so it might be smart to try it again later.
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