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* 8 Brand New Musical Instruments!\r\n* Beautiful New Colorful Backgrounds!\r\n* Simplified New User-Interface and Usability!\r\n
You will absolutely Love these incredible musical instruments and the amazing sounds they make!

* Ad free!

YOU WILL RECEIVE:* 38+ High Quality Musical Instruments!* New Instruments Added Weekly!!* High Quality, HD Graphics with High Quality Music & Sounds Effects!* Fun and Engaging Voices that Say the Names of the Instruments!* Entertaining and Educational Especially for Children 0-12 Years of Age and Even Older!* Musical Fun for the Entire Family!* And Since new musical instruments are added weekly, you will never run out of new and interesting musical instruments to play!* There are no in-app purchases or ADS in Musical Instruments...ever!!!

A few of the instruments featured inside are:The acoustic guitar, violin, cello, bass, harmonica, clarinet, banjo, flute, recorder, tuba, sitar, drum set, piano, pan pipe, electric guitar, xylophone, viola, ocarina, electric guitar, trumpet, organ, congas, bass guitar, saxophone, bagpipes, trombone, ukulele, french horn, maracas, synthesizer, classical bass, harp, bongo drums, marimba, mellotron, accordion, mandolin, electric violin, bassoon, triangle and many more to come!!

You will Absolutely LOVE Musical Instruments!!!

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Developer: Startech Studios
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Recommended Age: Everyone
Release Date: 2015-10-21